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Service & overhaul kits

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Service- &
Overhaul kits

All tailored parts in your Volvo Penta overhaul set
Complete sets exist for overhauling your Volvo Penta engine. With carefully tailored items, you will be perfectly able to overhaul your Volvo Penta using the right components. For each overhauling session you will have the original parts ready at hand.

A Volvo Penta overhaul set offers you the following benefits:

-  Having the right original Volvo Penta parts at your disposal, manufactured specifically for your engine.
- Overhaul set prices are reasonable compared to the individual parts.
- With a complete overhaul set success is guaranteed.

If you are interested in the possibilities and benefits of having a complete overhaul set, please follow this link for a list of all available sets and prices:

- Overhaul kits Marine diesel engines Engines
- Overhaul kits Industrial diesel engines

Or you may contact us for a personalised offer.

Exchange parts

Volvo Penta provides an impressive collection of exchange parts and exchange engines. These are sold under the name “Volvo Penta exchange system”. The original exchange parts meet the highest quality requirements and have the same specifications as their new alternatives.
We provide exchange parts from stock to make sure you have the right components on time, technically up-to-date and ready to use. The good thing about exchange parts is that repairs can be carried out promptly on the scene.
We also provide exchange parts for older Volvo Penta engines. Which means the Volvo Penta Exchange System is always the right option, even if your engine was taken off production years ago. All original factory exchange parts are either overhauled or manufactured according to the strictest Volvo Penta specifications in terms of material, tolerances and assembly.
Both new parts and the Volvo Penta exchange parts come with the same factory guarantee.
The exchange system is a simple one: you hand in the old part and receive an entirely overhauled factory part in return.

Service kits

Volvo Penta has developed several new DIY sets for boat owners who prefer to maintain their diesel engines or drives themselves.
A service kit for the engine part includes oil filter, fuel filters, impeller and gaskets.
A drive service kit usually consists of zinc anodes, bellows and parts for the annual maintenance required.
Inquire after conditions, content per kit and our reasonable prices.
Take a look and search on engine or drive type in our webshop!