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Repowering Volvo Penta marine engines

The engine is the heart of your boat. Without a reliable and durable engine that under all conditions performs wherfore it is designed, owning a boat is a pleasure but a never-ending battle against uncertainty - whether you own a yacht or motorboat. If you own a boat that fulfils your needs and don't want to sell, but notes that the engine no longer meets your needs, you can win a lot of sailing fun by replacing the engine. Thanks to the rapid technological developments in recent years, you'll notice some big differences when you switch to a new engine.

Benefits repoweringRepower bracket MD11/110S to D1-30/130S

  • Increased safety and reliability
  • More comfort on board
  • More driving pleasure and precise maneuvering
  • Higher performance
  • Greatly reduced impact on the environment
  • Easier to adapt to modern accessories
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Higher market price for your boat

Engine configurator

Determining the right type Volvo Penta can use the  Engine configurator.

Marine engines compact collection to 75hp with sail-drive

General brochure repowering sail-drive applications

Table repowering Volvo Penta marine


 Sail-drive Repowering kit       Installation instruction 
 MD5>D1-13,D1-20,D1-30 kit 22410366 47705762 
 MD6,MD7,MD11,MD17>D1-13,D1-20,D1-30, D2-40 kit 22410368 47705763 
 MD17>D2-50,D2-60,D2-75 kit 22410370 47706294
 MD21>D2-50,D2-60,D2-75 kit 22410372 47705764
 2001>D1-13,D1-20,D1-30 kit 22410374 47705765 
 2002,2003,2003T>D1-13,D1-20,D1-30 kit 22410376 47705766 
 2003,2003T>D2-40 kit 22410378 47705767
 MD2020, MD203>D2-40 kit 22410380 47706295
 MD2040>D2-40 kit 22410382 47706296
 XXXX 120S kit 22567193 47706297 


Marine engines compact collection t0 75hp with reverse gear

General brochure repowering reverse gear applications

Table repowering reverse gear

 Reverse gear Repowering kit    Installation instruction
 MD3>D1-13,D1-20,D1-30,D2-40 kit 22594876 47706370 
 MD6,MD7>D1-13,D1-20,D1-30, D2-40 kit 22567201 47706291 
 MD11>D1-13,D1-20,D1-30, D2-40 kit 22567203 47706292
 2001,2002,2003,2003T>D1-13,D1-20,D1-30,D2-40    kit 22567205 47706293 
 XXXX MS2 kit 22567193 47706297 


Aquamatic / Sterndrive repowering with Volvo Penta D3

Volvo Penta has developed a kit in order to make it possible to repower old Aquamatic engines with preservation of the current transom, outboard drive and trim pump.

D3 repower kit aquamatic

The kit is suitable for repowering of:

  • AQD21, AQD32
  • AQD30A, AQD40A, AQAD40A, AQD40B, AQAD40B
  • AD31A, AD31B, AD31D, AD31L, AD31P
  • AD41A, AD41B, AD41D, AD41L, AD41P
  • KAD32, KAD42, KAD43, KAD44, KAD300


In addition to the cost that you save for a revision of the old engine, you can enjoy some other benefits:

  • Silent and vibration-free run of the 5-cylinder common-rail diesel
  • High torque at low revs by the variable geometry turbocharger, perfectly combined with a cataract duoprop piece!
  • Less installation space required by compact engine
  • Less weight by aluminum crankcase
  • Less emmissions, fumes and black smoke
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Addition EVC system and electronic throttle switch and the possibility to add many EVC options
  • Also available as twin installation


Available powersettings Volvo Penta D3 Aquamtic: 140, 170, 200, 220 at 4000 rpm


Installation instruction repowering D3 Aquamatic